Unplugging from the digital world

Hello everyone! Today I decided to write about ways to unplug, ways to rid yourself of addiction or simply ways to take a break from staring at a screen. Nevertheless, there are many reasons, or excuses to keep staring at your screen, whether it’s just that last YouTube video you want to watch, or that fact that your friend is chatting with you on Hangouts, and there is no other way to communicate with her!

Due to corona-virus, our screen time has steadily increased, as most of our day to day activities are now online. From schooling to work, to even piano classes, everything is now online! So, when we’re given a short break between our classes or work, the least we can do for our body and our eyes is use that break to move around, away from a gadget.

First, Something simple you can do, is just go out for a walk or a run. This is especially beautiful in the morning, when there are less people. If you are in a containment zone, or you deem it unfit to go outside in these times, another simple thing you can do, is just curl up with a good book, play a board game or hone your talent. It may seem boring, but think of it this way : What else will you use your time for, if you weren’t looking at an electronic device?

A beautiful garden : Even if you don’t have one, it won’t hurt to step outside, for a bit of fresh air

Next, it is very important to stay off social media. Social media, is one of the top areas online, to which you can get addicted easily. Even if you go there to check that one thing, you’re going to end up mindlessly scrolling through hundreds of photos or videos. If you’re already addicted to social media, in a way, then I suggest you take it step by step, and slowly get rid of the addiction, as early as possible. You’ll find, that even if you aren’t addicted, just going to Instagram, or Twitter and scrolling, can take up a lot of your free time.

Uninstall the apps too, if that will work.

Thirdly, set your goals for the day, and plan your day accordingly. Schedule your tasks, and leave plenty of time out to play, to have fun, and stay away from your screens, then. Even if you are stuck at home, hone the skills you already have, or have wanted to have. Take up a project, and work on it, or maybe even start a bullet journal! Planning your day will not only help prioritize, but you’ll see a significant improvement in your school, work or college.

Bullet Journaling : A beautiful way to organise your day, week month and year.

Another helpful tactic, is to shut down your device and keep it away. If it isn’t within your reach, you’ll not be as inclined to use it. You could also set your screen time limits. If you know how much time you need to spend online, if its for school or work, you can alter the time you want to spend on a device. Maybe even try meditation from Headspace or just listen to some calming music from Soothing Relaxation

These unprecedented times shall eventually pass, but we must do all we can to support those affected and to keep ourselves healthy. After you finish reading this, just close your eyes, and take a break from the screen.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and that it helped you. If you did, stay tuned for more fun blogs!

Until then,


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