A little something to think about…

Hey everyone!! It’s been a while since I blogged, but I have something fresh today! It’s kind of different from my regular niche, but I hope y’all enjoy reading it…

A while ago, we went on a lil adventure to a beautiful park by a lake. On the way, I noticed how much things had changed. Once popular shops were now all boarded up, the Mystery Rooms’ board were lopsided, collecting dust, but there were quite a few people around, just going about their daily routines…

It’s just nice, to see people going about their daily routines, but honestly, I feel that these days, the Corona virus stats are just frightening to see! And it’s saddening to see the death chart spike up nowadays. My English teacher, an amazing woman, was taken by this virus. Even teaching online, one day, she just stopped coming to class. Around three months later, just a couple days back, we received the saddening news, that she expired. She had two daughters and both were left with no one, as her husband had passed away too, due to Covid-19.

What you’d see in a newspaper!

That very day, I went on Google and researched about the Covid-19 stats. I realised, that the passing of my teacher, had caused at least a meagre amount of sadness, to whoever she’d taught. We have 500+ students in our school and even more teachers. Just imaging how much of a loss one death caused. I read the statistics. Around 1095 people died due to Corona Virus that day. In India only.

It’s just sad.

So, please, just do all you can to stay safe, be positive, stay off the news for a while and don’t panic! And if any of you’ve heard the quote, ‘This too shall pass,’ then it shall provide you a teeny bit of encouragement now. Please, don’t forget how lucky you are to be reading this, instead of in a hospital, suffering, or in a worse situation. Be supportive to each other, and some day, the favour shall be returned!

I hope you liked reading this, and thank you for reading this far!! I also hope this gave you a little something to think about! Stay tuned for more fun posts!

Until then,

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