Hi! My name is Maya, and I’m a 12 year old. love to draw, travel, read and write, and I love outdoor adventures! I hope you find something nice to read here, among my little scribbles.

Blogging is not really anything too fancy. Just write what you feel! You can start one for free right here on WordPress, and you just need to enjoy writing to be good at it! I blog about whatever is happening around me, and whenever I feel like it too! You can take a break when you like, and there is no one pressurizing you to blog either! (You’ll also start typing much faster, seriously!)

I started blogging during the Corona virus pandemic in 2020 and I find it a great use of my time. I strive to bring a little more writing into this world!

Stay tuned for more fun blogs!

Until then

A few of my favourite things…

The photos in my blogs are all from Unsplash. If you’re a blogger who’s searching for a good place with copyright-free photos, then I highly recommend it!

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